The length of the head from crown to nose should be one-and-a-half times the width when viewed sideways. The crown should be flat and unwooled; the nose dark, preferably black. Fine white hair covers the face; any spots on the ears or eyelids should be bright black.
The body should be thick-set, without imparing the general appearance. Well-proportioned with good loins, the animal should have a solid, square stance and well-developed gigots. In the ewe, the udder is covered with fine hair and lined with wool; the ram's scrotum should have a layer of fine hair or short wool. The wool of the trunk extends to the end of the throat.
The legs are strong, with shanks of sufficient size to correspond with the thick-set build of the body. The front legs are wooled at least down to the middle of the forearm; the hindlegs at least down to the middle of the shank. The legs are not wooled, but covered with fine hair.
The wool is highly crinkled, fine and with a close staple.

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