The Internet is playing a bigger and bigger role in today's world, and nowhere has the pace of change been more evident than agriculture. Its 24-hour, anytime ability makes it particularly relevant to the farming community - access the same information at any time of the day, communicate in your own time - unlike a telephone call, it doesn't matter when an e-mail is sent.

That's why we've decided to set up this site. You may already have met us at shows, or heard of the flock, but this way we can reach a far wider audience - and hopefully encourage others to get in touch with us. An exchange of ideas and information is always valuable. Just e-mail us with your comments, news and information.

Meanwhile, we've also provided a list of sites to some of the many agriculturally-orientated sites available on the Net. If you would like your site to be added to the list, please e-mail us with a brief description, its name and URL and - provided it's relevant - we will add it to the site for you; the only concession is that you add Miserden Texels to yours! Click here to fill in the form.

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